Which brand is Making the very best Bags ideal Now?

“The best” anything is a extremely specific phrase, as well as in lots of cases, is somewhat subjective unless you’re examining difficult evidence or data that cannot be argued. as well as when it pertains to designer purses as well as fashion in general, the very best of anything can frequently be argued, even if you do your finest to examine it in the most objective method possible, which frequently indicates putting personal taste or opinions בַּצַד. however even still, the possibility for dispute is frequently what makes everything the a lot more fascinating as well as fun. Today, we’re right here to go over which purse brand is making the very best bags ideal now, as well as my response may surprise you.

Fendi is Making the very best Bags ideal Now

While there’s no rejecting the Bottega buzz of the last few years, of all the high-end designers understood for handbags, Fendi‘s present lineup is the one that sticks out to me the most. Under the innovative direction of Silvia Venturini Fendi, the purse offerings from Fendi have blossomed in the last two years considering that Venturini Fendi’s righthand man, Karl Lagerfeld, passed away, leaving Venturini Fendi at the helm of the brand.

Fendi has done an extraordinary task of merging traditional home codes with modernity, using sensational color palettes, luxe detailing, as well as a large range of shapes. In recent years, each collection has been a lot more sensational as well as fascinating than the next, as well as while I don’t own a Fendi bag (yet) as well as I struggle to determine if it fits my aesthetic sufficient to warrant the addition of a Fendi to my collection, putting my personal tastes aside I have to name Fendi as the very best of the very best ideal now.

The brand’s general aesthetic is best for tons of women trying to find advanced high-end that’s upscale however not excessively fussy. The present lineup is broad sufficient that it does include something for bag enthusiasts of every age, whether it’s for the a lot more traditional buyer or the trendsetter. Yet, at the exact same time, all of the pieces still feel uniquely Fendi, which is one more point of lots of in Fendi’s favor.

Check out a few of our favorites from Fendi ideal now, as well as let us understand if you agree!

Our Picks

Fendi Croissant Bag
via Bergdorf Goodman


Fendi Touch Bag
via Bergdorf Goodman


Fendi Sunshine Shopper
via 24S


Fendi Peekaboo famous Mini
via 24S


Fendi Baguette
via 24S


Fendi Touch leather carry Bag
via Nordstrom


Fendi Pomodorino tiny FF container Bag
via Bergdorf Goodman


Fendi Peekaboo Iseeu Small
via 24S


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